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It supports healthy blood flow and blood pressure. An ideal, all-natural supplement to support cardiovascular health. Nattokinase (NK) is an enzyme extracted from a t...<Read more>

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Nattokinase Details

It supports healthy blood flow and blood pressure.
An ideal, all-natural supplement to support cardiovascular health.

Nattokinase (NK) is an enzyme extracted from a traditional Japanese dish called natto, made from boiled and fermented soybeans. Consumed for both its taste and heart-health-supporting properties in Japan for centuries, NK was officially found to promote healthy circulation and blood pressure by Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi in the 1980s.

Testing nearly 200 foods for their potential effects on blood consistency, Dr. Sumi discovered that natto was able to dissolve artificial fibrin (a protein involved in blood clotting) in a Petri dish. Since then, NK has been the subject of almost 20 animal and human studies, with results suggesting that the nutrient supports healthy circulation and blood pressure.

NK is believed to work by optimizing the blood's consistency, promoting healthy coagulation of blood and fibrinolytic activity. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, NK may help promote cardiovascular health.

NSI® Nattokinase is manufactured using NSK-SD™, a highly purified form of nattokinase manufactured with non-GMO soybeans. Unlike other nattokinase supplements, NSK-SD™ is made using a patented process that removes all vitamin K, making it safe to use for individuals taking blood-thinning medications.

NSI® Nattokinase is better because it:
• Delivers 100 mg of high-quality NSK-SD™ Nattokinase per one-capsule serving.
• Is available at a much greater value than other nattokinase products on the market.


Kosher gelatin (capsule), cellulose and magnesium stearate.
Contains: Soy.


As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule daily or as directed by a physician.


Customer Reviews - Nattokinase

Review Nattokinase
It helped my hubby. It vacant a blocked artery he had. He was to have surgical procedure, however didn’t require it after using Nutraceutical Sciences Institute nattokinase. I found it good products as well as its price, quite affordable as compare to other health products. Didn’t try any other supplements and products from AllNutri, now I’ll order something because I like the products!!

alxii , CA, USA - 1/16/2012
I've been taking Nattokinase with several other enzymes for several months. I did take best nattokinase for 2 tablets per day with meals and I always get excellent quality from doctor's best nattokinase. I have very pleased with that because it has helped my Blood Pressure come down. This is best for the price and one of the most effective and potent enzymatic supplements you can take. Best nattokinase is Great for blood circulation.

Rebecca , IA, USA - 4/5/2010
I am delighted with nattokinase results. It is a good natural product. Past 6 years I have a heart and high blood pressure problem, then my doctor refer me this product. Since I was taking it my both problems are much better. It has been a medical miracle for me. Nattokinase may be effect at enhancing the producing of clot-dissolving agent, it helped to dissolve blood and may saved with heart attacks and stroke. I highly recommend this product to others who have heart problems as a dietary supplement. This product has a great price.

Gary , GA, USA - 4/25/2009
I have been taking Nattokinase for more than a year. My doctor gives me advice to take them & he said that I had poor circulation in my hand and it was causing me a lot of pain. After using Nattokinase one capsule daily I felt less pain within two weeks so I decided to continue to use Nattokinase. Now one year ago and now I didn't feel any pain on my hand. Thank Nattokinase.

Marshall Gomes , KY, USA - 5/5/2008

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