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Promotes a Healthy Inflammation Response Promotes Healthy Joint Function Promotes Normal Cell Growth Zyflamend is a combination of herbal extracts, Recent research stu...<Read more>

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Zyflamend Details

Promotes a Healthy Inflammation Response
Promotes Healthy Joint Function
Promotes Normal Cell Growth

Zyflamend is a combination of herbal extracts, Recent research studies suggest this may be an effective strategy to promote healthy joint function and normal cell growth. Zyflamend represents a scientific breakthrough in herbal, COX-2 support to promote a healthy inflammation response. New Chapter, the maker of Zyflamend, has extensively researched the herbal pharmacopoeia and international medical databases It Promotes Normal cell growth. New Chapter has extensively researched the herbal pharmacopoeia and international medical databases and discovered that the following time-tested herbs, properly extracted and blended in the correct proportions, contain at least 8 phytonutrients that may safely and significantly promote a healthy inflammation response.

Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum): Contains ursolic acid, which significantly enhances detoxification and promotes a healthy inflammation response.
Turmeric: Unique curcumin phytonutrient complex, synergistic with green tea, significantly multiplying each herb's ability to promote healthy eicosanoid balance.
Ginger: Supercritical extract modulates both eicosanoid cascades and offers numerous anti-aging constituents.
Green Tea: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences report green tea polyphenols exert a beneficial effect on healthy eicosanoid balance. Major university database notes green tea contains 51 phytonutrients that promote a healthy inflammation response.
Rosemary: Dual extracts offer highly concentrated, full spectrum eicosanoid balance and support detoxification.
Hu Zhang (Polygonum cuspidatum): Richest known resveratrol source, with each daily serving delivering the approximate equivalent of six glasses of resveratrol rich wine.
Chinese Goldthread and Barberry: Unique berberine phytonutrient complex, naturally promotes a healthy inflammation response.
Oregano: Source of large number of phytonutrient modulators (31) according to USDA database.
Baikal SKullcap: Unique baicalin phytonutrient complex, naturally promotes healthy inflammation response.

Women who are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy should consult with their health care provider or physician before taking this product.


One softgel two times daily. Take in the middle of a larger meal with an 8 oz glass of water.

Zyflamend Overview

Zyflamend by New Chapter is the scientific creation to promote a healthy inflammation response. Research shows that it is an effective way to overcome the joint problems, stiffness and growth of cells normally. It also contains an enzyme which is called cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2).The cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) also help in promoting inflammation response and play an important role in the growth of cells normally, which may be pancreas, colon, breast tissue and the body parts cells.

Zyflamend also has the components which may prevent in enlargement of heart. Such as the holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) has the antioxidant which may prevent to improve the cholesterol, reduce plaque growth and enhances detoxification. Turmeric is one of other herb, this herb has been used in the different medicine and supplements for ages and it is an ancient spice which may be the antimutagenic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant remedy. Another is Ginger which may support the inflammatory conditions and prevent heart diseases and cancer. It is also used for the instability of stomach. Green tea may also play a significant role to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. It also controls the cholesterol level and help to lose weight. Rosemary has the antibacterial effects it may also inhibits cancer formation.

Research and Study

According to Columbia University, New York, the department of Urology’s study and research describes that Zyflamend has components containing herbal and natural ingredients formula which reduce the growth of prostate cancer through process called “apoptosis.”

More Detail About Zyflamend:

Zyflamend encourages vigorous joint function as well as regular cell growth plus they are on-steroidal therefore uncomplicated on organ systems so as to hold up the inflammation response system without any problem. Zyflamend is a mixture of about ten herbs used for thousands of years via millions of people to endorse physical condition and prolonged existence. The herbs have been extracted moreover prepared to make the most of their usefulness and to enclose dynamic levels of dozens of input elements that science has documented to help a healthy inflammation response. The strength of our most important body systems joint, immune, cardiovascular, cell health, blood sugar metabolism, plus even brain are fundamentally linked to a healthy inflammation response.

This supplement are available in varieties of ways such as Zyflamend Easycaps, Zyflamend Liquid, Zyflamend PM as well as Zyflamend Vegecaps. Active herbs include in Zyflamend are Holy Basil, Turmeric, Ginger, Green tea, Rosemary, HU zhang, Barberry, Oregano, Baikal skullcap. Generally these herbal supplements are very useful in joint pains, injuries and some major problems related to joints and muscles. Although aging is the frequent cause for joint pain and soreness, it is the consequence of inflexible or damaged cartilage connecting more than two bones jointly. For these kinds of pain and soreness.

Zyflamend is prepared to help normal cardiovascular function, normal joint function as well as promotes normal cell growth which also make your immune system stronger and keep your mind healthy and active. The Supercritical Zyflamend by New Chapter contains numerous constituents that modern science has recognized can promote a healthy inflammation response. These supplements are the solution to have healthy joint function, long-standing psychological intelligibility, the cellular reliability of a lot of organ systems as well as cardiovascular health and yet healthy blood sugar metabolism. If you are looking for a safe and protected herbal anti-inflammatory plus superb anti aging supplement products you can have these Zyflamend supplements. They work without any side effects and relief major and minor pains that irritate you. They also work to promote the usual cell growth in your body that releases joints pain or soreness and keep you healthy.

Customer Reviews - Zyflamend

Review Zyflamend
I found incredibly reasonable price over here, recently got New Chapter Zyflamend capsules for joint pain. I’ve crossed my early 30’s quite easily without any trouble especially from joint pain and inflammation response but when in early 40’s I’ve been experiencing badly with bad cell growth and frequently joint pain. I think it’s a natural condition for every human being but I often feel very badly. Last week I found this herbal extract Zyflamend capsules through, satisfied from the price and authenticity of this supplement.

Sarzeri , IA, USA - 12/15/2010
There was an injury in my knees and feet in my childhood and since then it had been with me in my younger age. I tried many things for that but every year in winter season it hurt me badly. Then my friend recommended me for supplement called Zyflamend by New Chapter. When I stated this supplement I found it as an anti-inflammatory supplement which reduced all my pain and ache detained on my knees and feet. I’m very happy from this product It really helped me for reducing my childhood pain.

Mecter , IA, USA - 10/23/2010
I’ve been suffering from unusual pains in my feet that irritate me a lot. For this problem I get fuss. I used many supplements and herbal medicines from different brands and stores but normally they were not enough to reduce my pain as well as they are so expensive to afford. In that condition one of my office colleagues suggested me for Zyflamend softgels by new chapter. I must say that these are really good. I’ve been using it for one month and has been improving pain problem. I will continue this formula to get completely rid off from pain.

Stuart , CA, USA - 9/28/2010
A really complete product for inflammation and joint function. I am happy when I first time purchased zyflamend by new chapter in a very lowest price and get 90% positive reviews of customers. I've used lots of similar products but new chapter zyflamend 120 has been effective in less time. It maintain my knee pain and now I easily waking anywhere. Happy with new chapter brand and want to find zyflamend coupon for next buying.

Sarah , GA, USA - 5/18/2010
I am from Ottawa Ontario Canada and was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease. It has helped me much more than what the doctor placed me on, pills called Naproxen which can lead to heart attack or stroke. I immediately stopped taking those pills and found Zyflamend. I thank you for Zyflamend it has made my back inflammation much easier and feel no pain.

Isaaf 7/2/2009
This is an amazing product! My husband experiences neuralgia type pain often, and pain associated with auto-immune conditions. Within one day, he was pain free. I have a bad hip joint which causes me pain. Within one day, I was also pain free. My husband also experiences heartburn, and he was concerned about the Turmeric doing a number on his stomach...but he found the Zyflamend to be "self-correcting" and experiences no heartburn or upset stomach. A+++ Really...we have tried a lot of different supplements for pain, and this is the first one that really and truly worked! I have now given it to every member of my family who has had back surgeries/pain/ arthritis, etc. They love it!

Amy Breslow , CA, USA - 5/21/2009
I used zyflamend for a month and found no relief. It also keep me awake a night because of the caffine. I quit two days ago and was able to sleep the first night off of the pills.

Linda Fender , WA, USA - 3/25/2009
It was advice by our family Herbal Pharmacist by that I started using zyflamend for my arthritic. I was very surprised to find that this product really helped and give some relieve within a week. I recommended it to my all family member as a dietary supplement to prevent arthritic and joint pain and they also agree with me. I am so happy with it and I ordered another bottle.

Peter Hoff , LA, USA - 2/28/2009
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