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Brand:  Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
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Estrofem Menopause and PMS Formula is the safe, effective way to deal with menopause and PMS. Menopause and estrogen imbalances can trigger a wide variety of symptoms - s...<Read more>

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Estrofem Details

Estrofem Menopause and PMS Formula is the safe, effective way to deal with menopause and PMS. Menopause and estrogen imbalances can trigger a wide variety of symptoms - such as hot flashes - that are commonly associated with the condition, and others - such as anxiety and depression - that are more subtle and may seem more like actual behavioral changes. A woman should become familiar with all the symptoms of menopause and begin a plan to treat them before she assumes that she is having a profound personality change.

EstroFem is an advanced natural product that is a tonic to the female reproductive system. It has been a blessing for many menopausal women and with the market rapidly expanding we expect EstroFem to create a new "First Line Approach to Menopause."

EstroFem is effective in alleviating many symptoms of menopause, such as: hot flashes, vaginal dryness, anxiety, depression etc. EstroFem’s active components help to maintain normal estrogen levels in the human body. Two of the active phenolic compounds in EstroFem have been shown in a recent study at Iowa State University to be effective for estrogen. The estrogenic activity of glycitein (4;7-dihydroxy-6-methoxyisoflavone) has the ability to bind the estrogen receptors. EstroFem also has an impact on PMS. EstroFem helps to support a normal, healthy attitude during PMS and it has also been shown to alleviate cramps and edema! EstroFem also assists in the body’s utilization of calcium and storage of calcium in bones.

EstroFem - unlike many estrogen replacement products with just "soy isoflavones" - increases energy, relaxation, and is a potent anti-oxidant. EstroFem is a revolutionary product for women with it's primary components being aimed at helping fight menopause. EstroFem is the right move against menopause & PMS.

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